Original hand-stitched tapestries by Natalie Fisher

See Islamic Tapestries

I create original hand stitched contemporary tapestries and associated merchandise, sourced from my own photographs. I stitch with wool as a painter may apply paint to a canvas: in a way that cannot be prescribed or repeated. Each tapestry is an original design, taking weeks or months to produce and containing tens of thousands of individual stitches. The result is a vibrant, original artwork that is tactile in nature, technically accomplished, and modern in design. When examined closely, each tapestry appears as a harmonious collaboration of pixels.

I am inspired by contemporary interior design, currently Islamic art and architecture. My earlier works were influenced by the intricacies of flora and the possibilities of representing the intricate details of light, shade and colour of single petals in stitches.

My tapestries are displayed under one of two galleries here: Islamic Tapestries or Floral Tapestries.

All of my tapestries are available for sale. Please also visit my Etsy store for a range of associated merchandise.

Next exhibition: Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, April 2020

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