Buyer Information

Currency and payment

All prices are in Australian dollars ($AUD). All orders on this website must be pre-paid before tapestries are distributed.

Delivery address

Following your purchase, please send me an email with your postage address and contact details so I can arrange immediate delivery of your tapestry. Street addresses only please – no PO boxes.

Delivery timeframe

You can expect to receive your tapestry within approximately ten working days, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Cancellation and returns

Please choose carefully. If you would like more information about your chosen tapestry, I encourage you to email me to ask for more information or additional images of the work, to enable you to be sure before you buy. No refunds or exchanges will be offered for making a wrong selection.

Packing and insurance

All tapestries are packed to a very high standard and sent via Pack and Send, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of packing and distribution of original artworks worldwide. Tracking and signed delivery is provided for your added security and peace of mind. You will be covered for any loss or damage of your artwork.


Free postage and handling world-wide

The cost of your tapestry includes free postage and handling to anywhere in the world. When you click ‘Buy Now’ you can do so knowing there will be no added costs at check-out.

Payment methods

Payment method on this website is by Paypal only, however, if you prefer to make an electronic funds transfer, email me at and I will provide you with EFT details. Upon receiving confirmation of your payment I will arrange for immediate packaging and delivery of your tapestry.

Please contact the artist. Skype calls can also be arranged if you wish to see and discuss a tapestry.


(+61) 402 401 899